Acty is the all-in-one platform for active ownership activities

Initiate engagements

  • Create a standard engagement (one company) or a theme (multiple companies).
  • Link the engagement to a portfolio and SDG:s. Set other parameters such as materiality and ESG issue.
  • Set an objective and use KPI:s.

Log the progress

  • Update progress
  • Attach files​.
  • Log your dialogues with the company/companies.


  • Invite other investors to one of your engagements.
  • Select permission: Only read or both read and edit.

Generate statistics and reports

  • Statistics from your data are summarized automatically. 
  • Export statistics to Excel to get the data needed to answer surveys from e.g. UNPRI.
  • Export graphs to use in reports and presentations.

Interested in Acty?

Interested in Acty?

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