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Managing active ownership at Acty platform

Taking action against climate change or inequalities is complex and is not solved easily through quick fixes. With active ownership investors take responsibility and contribute with investments towards a sustainable future. Active ownership means that investors use their shareholder rights to influence issuers and improve environmental, social and governance- performance (ESG). It can be practised through investors interacting with portfolio companies by initiating engagements or voting at shareholder meetings.

Active ownership engages multiple actors both within investor firms and externally. This is why the approach is so efficient for making impactful actions, but it is also why it can be time-consuming and confusing. With Acty, we are changing this.

Acty helps investors to improve their work with active ownership. With the Acty platform investors can easily create engagements, log the progress, collaborate and showcase their work.

Create engagements

With the Acty platform investors can create engagements and insert all information needed in a structural manner. Depending on the objective, users can create a thematic engagement, targeting multiple companies or a single engagement, targeting one company. Users can create a collaboration by inviting other investors to their engagements.

When creating an engagement users can define a range of data points such as ESG-category, materiality, extent of impact and the SDG’s related to the engagement. Engagements should be created in such a way that it aligns with the investor portfolio and purpose. Read more about how to create successful engagements here .

Documentation management

With Acty all information gathered can be documented internally at one place, simplifying the workload and enhancing transparency and availability. All interactions can be logged at the platform, ensuring that no information gets lost. It can be valuable information collected from meetings, phone calls, email, visits or reports.

Through collaborative engagements, information can be shared with other investor firms at the platform, entailing high engagement efficiency.

Progress monitoring and statistical functions

Investors using Acty can easily easily upload and keep track of KPI:s and monitor the engagement progress. The platform provides functions giving a great overview of the engagement and its current status. This saves time and facilitates control over the entire process.

All engagement with related data points, KPI:s, statuses and progress is summarized and presented in a user-friendly manner in the statistical function at the platform. All statistics and data can easily be exported to both pdf and excel.

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