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Active ownership

Active shareholders use their capital to influence companies in which they invest. Shareholders do this to ensure their investments are in responsive companies that care for sustainability. If companies won’t meet their requirements, the investor anticipates risks with keeping that investment and might divest their shares.

When our users want to influence a company they own, they start an engagement. An engagement usually targets an environmental, social, or corporate governance concern. The engagement works proactively or reactively and is set in a dialogue between the shareholder and the company.

For example, a shareholder wants to influence a company contributing to deforesting. They start an engagement, set up objectives and goals, and initiates contact with the company. The dialogue can be ongoing for years, and if the company meets the requirements of the shareholder, they keep the investment. If not, the shareholder decides to sell their shares.

Our users are crucial in the work to reach the UN’s sustainable development goals by 2030. They make sure that their portfolios are not only built to grow with economic incentives, but to ensure sustainable development.

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