Track and manage your ESG engagements

Simplify your work by keeping all engagements, documents, emails, voting, and notes in the same place. Set your milestones and follow your team's progress. Save time with automated statistics for easier reporting.

Build strong and successful engagements

When creating an engagement you can define a range of data points such as ESG-categories, materiality, the extent of the impact, the related SDGs, and more. You can create a thematic engagement, targeting multiple companies or a single engagement, targeting one company.

Automate your work

With Acty, you can keep track of milestones and monitor the engagement progress. The platform provides functions giving a great overview of the engagements and their current statuses. This saves time and facilitates control over the entire process. Aggregated or specific portfolio data can easily be exported.

Join forces to address and improve ESG issues

Collaborative shareholder engagement is a powerful way for you to address and improve ESG issues. Using Acty you can invite other investors to join your engagements. Collaborations on Acty make it easy for all participants to share data and follow the progress.

Keep documentation in order

All information gathered by you and your team can be documented in one place. This simplifies the workload and enhances transparency and availability. All interactions, such as meeting notes and emails can be logged, ensuring that no information gets lost.


What some of our customers say

“Active ownership is an important part of our sustainability work. Using Acty, it is easier to gather information about our engagements and track progress”
Sofia Aulin
Head of Responsible Investments
“We have always had the belief that active ownership is an effective mechanism to reduce risks, maximise returns and have a positive real impact on the world, by driving improvement in corporate practices; we are also convinced that engagement is a much more powerful method than divestment. With the help of Acty, we can streamline our workflows and increase the efficiency of our efforts.” 
Karine Hirn
Partner and Sustainability Officer

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